The Best Lobster Bisque for Two

Lobster Stock Ingredients:

3 cups chicken broth

1 lobster tail shell (retain lobster meat to be used later)

1 celery stalk, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup onion, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup sliced carrots

2 bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves

2 tomatoes, chopped in half

2 Tbs. Sherry

Dashes of black pepper


2 Tbs. butter

2 Tbs. flour

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 shallots, minced

1/2 cup white wine

meat of 1 lobster tail, chopped into large chunks

1/4 cup Half and Half

Dashes lemon pepper

Dashes hot sauce

Optional: chopped fresh chives

Bring lobster stock ingredients to a boil in a pot. Lower heat and let simmer 50 minutes.  Strain, retaining the liquid.

Over medium high heat, melt butter in a large sauce pan. Add flour and stir well until it becomes slightly darkened. Stir in garlic, shallots and white wine. After well combined, stir in and Half and Half and lobster. Increase heat to a boil.

Stir in Lobster stock, stirring until smooth. Lower heat and let simmer 8 minutes. Season with dashes of lemon pepper and hot sauce. Optional, top serving with chopped chives.

Serves 2.

"Splash" was a hit film in 1984.  Tom Hanks plays Allen, a guy who falls head over "fins" in love with a mermaid.  Daryl Hannah is Madison, the mermaid who is a normal girl out of the water, but reveals her fish tail when wet. Talented Director Ron Howard (yes, Opey) unites these two unlikely lovers while giving us plenty of hearty laughs.  One of the most memorable scenes takes place in a restaurant when Madison and Allen are on a date.  Madison eats her lobster in a very unusual way. Great scene, loved it!

Our lobster bisque recipe is a perfect 10 on the flavor scale and is the perfect meal for two.  This recipe isn't for lovers only, but love always makes food taste better!

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cookeaze said...

Looks awesome.Absolutely fabulous recipe. Yummmy.Thank you.