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I was cheated out of a million dollars. Not once, not twice, but three times! I was a finalist in 3 consecutive Pillsbury Million Dollar Bake-offs. I did receive free trips, appliances, cash and free products. I was also featured on ABC 7 News in Chicago; the CBS Pillsbury broadcast; Food TV; the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, out of town publications, and recipe books. I want to thank Pillsbury and the sponsors. But it wasn’t a million bucks. Since 3 time finalist can't enter the Pillsbury Bake-off again, I needed a way to share some of my great recipes.

My two favorite things are good food and good movies. So I created this blog to make your cooking experience more fun. Each recipe is inspired by my favorite movies. I hope you enjoy the recipes and are reminded of a great movie you saw, or maybe you'll check out some of my favorites. So if you want to have a “reel” good time, stop by and visit often!

Please Note - I will share new recipes and movies each week!

Enjoy the blog!

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